Abortion on demand location now at the discretion of Minister of Health

Premier Gallant confirmed the deletion of the regulation that restricted abortion in NB, 84-20 Schedule 2 (a.1).  Meaning, abortions on demand is the new rule, and it will be at the discretion of the Minister of Health, Victor Boudreau. If the minister requires the procedure be done in hospital it will be the rule.  

This change to the regulation occurred by “consensus of cabinet”.  This is the result of the Westminster Model of parliamentary rule practiced here in Canada and in the NB Legislature.  

The tradition of Cabinet rule, and strict discipline within Cabinet on changes to government policy will remain. Changes not likely to happen withhout grassroute reforms to the Westminster style.  If a member of the Cabinet dissents on conscientious grounds on a policy or proposed changes in regulation or law, he or she must resign as part of the consensus tradition.

Democratic debate of sensitive policies that divide the population of New Brunswick will not occur without Westminster model being reformed.

Pro-Life Rally responds to actions of NB Liberals

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