People's Alliance requests Fracking be added to the ballot

Released by: Joël MacIntosh
People’s Alliance Candidate; Kent South
Having witnessed first hand the disastrous effects that the currentProgressive Conservative government of David Alward and our current MLA Claude Williams has had in it’s failure to properly consult the citizens of this province over the issue of hydraulic fracturing resulting in months of protests and extreme police presence. I am pleased that the People’s Alliance will continue to push forward with the belief that we, the people, deserve to have our voices heard through a direct vote and not an election promise that may or may not be upheld!
The People’s Alliance has called on the Alward government to add the question of hydraulic fracturing to the ballot this September 22, 2014. A letter dated May 7th, 2014 has been sent to the Premier on behalf of the People’s Alliance. Additionally in my capacity as your candidate for the upcoming election I have also sent a letter to the leader of the opposition, Brian Gallant ( Current MLA for Kent ) and Minister of Transportation Claude Williams ( Current MLA for Kent-South ) requesting that they lend their support to the people they were elected to represent and who have clearly spoken out against the failure to consult during protests along route 126, in Birch Ridge, Harcourt and Rogersville as well as the protests which took place along route 11 in Bouctouche, Rexton and Laketon.
The People’s Alliance has straightforward views regarding which questions should be asked on the ballot and will be more than happy to work with the government to create these questions if so desired. We also have practical ideas on ways to educate the citizens of New Brunswick, on both sides of the hydraulic fracturing debate, in a non-partisan fashion and we are hopeful
that Premier David Alward, Opposition Leader and MLA for Kent Brian Gallant and Minister of Transportation and MLA for Kent South Claude Williams will consider them.
Myself and the People’s Alliance do recognize however that the outcome of the ballot may not be treated as legally binding by a post-election government. However, we believe that any government would be ill-advised to ignore an overwhelming show of support or nonsupport for the hydraulic fracturing industry by the people of New Brunswick.
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